Experimental La Mancha

 When you love a land you want to get the best of it

We believe in our origin, the DO Mancha, but we do not stop playing, have fun, to continue to surprise us with everything that can still offer us

  • Finca Los Trenzones Rosé

    Finca Los Trenzones Rosé

    Clean, bright, elegant, pale pink. In the noise, very intense. Aromas of strawberry, banana, pineapple. Subtle floral nuances that give it a slightly vegetable hint. Balanced, its acidity gives it a touch of freshness. Very pleasant on the palate. Markedly fruity, fresh.

    It matches with cold meat, sausages, pork or chicken. Grilled meat and mushrooms. Quiche Lorraine. Rice and pasta. 

    Vino de la Tierra de Castilla
    100% tempranillo
    75 cl.
  • Finca Los Trenzones Verdejo

    Clean, bright, gold yellow with greenish reflections. Nose: Intense, marked by herbaceous notes, floral and fruity hints in the background. Tasting: Fresh, nice in the palate, good acidity and homogeneous. Finish: Medium finish, pleasant herbaceous notes.

    Frankfurt sausages. It matches with potatoes, fish and seafood. Goat and roquefort cheese. Basil pasta, fried tomatoes or vegetables.

    D.O. La Mancha
    75 cl.
  • finca.los.trenzones.sauvinong

    Finca Los Trenzones Sauvignon Blanc

    Clean, bright, gold yellow with greenish reflections. Nose: Intense and well integrated herbaceous and fruity hints. Tasting: Elegant and fresh, homogeneous in the palate. Finish: Long finish, fresh and fruity.

    Frankfurt sausages. It matches with potatoes, fish and seafood. Goat and roquefort cheese. Basil pasta, fried tomatoes or vegetables.

    Sauvignon Blanc
    D.O. La Mancha
    75 cl.
  • Finca Los Trenzones Red

    Clean, bright, medium deep robe, cherry red colour developing to ruby. Nose: Pleasant and intense. Very frutal. Berries notes and floral hints on the backgroung (violet). Tasting: Pleasant, subtle and balance. Finish: Elegant, frutal notes and vanilla touch.

    Any kind of meat. It matches with grilled or fried potatoes, mushrooms or ham. Some tasty or oily fish such as tuna, cod. Medium-aged cheese and berry dessert. Rice and all kind of pasta.

    Wine of the Land of Castilla
    Minimum 6 months in American oak barrels
    75 cl.

The Winery

In the middle of the places of La Mancha, in the heart of the Route of the Quixote the Faustino Group has been able to adapt the usual varieties of other zones to the own conditions of the lands of La Mancha.

Among our fields  stands the spectacular Finca Los Trenzones, where a meticulous process of selection of grapes and a detailed study of the orientation of the plantation have been carried out, to give this own and differentiating character to the wines elaborated by the winery.

Bodegas Leganza and its wines demonstrate the ability to change, to transform, to work with new ideas to show the more modern side of La Mancha.

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